You choose the area,

we set the appointments.


Homeowners will be home for their appointment.

We guarantee homeowners will be home for their appointment time.

Homeowners will allow you an inspection.

We guarantee all homeowners will allow you to inspect their home.

Homeowners will be in the area of your choice.

We guarantee all appointments will be in the area of your choice.



85% of all HailAppointments set are Quality.

The other 15% were replaced.  Our double verification process insures you spend more time meeting qualified homeowners, inspecting homes, and closing sales.

55% of all HailAppointments Turn Into Sales

Powerful closing rates.  Since 2009 HailAppointments contractors have closed over half of the appointments delivered.  In new storms closing rates can go as high as 85%.


Closing Rates




Your source for quality appointments. If you would like information about our services please complete the inquiry form and someone will be in touch.


The appointments we received were great leads and the customers said that the person on the phone was very pleasant. We were very satisfied with HailAppointments and would recommend them in the future.


Anthony Walsh

Owner, Durashield Inc

HailAppointments have been great to work with! They provide us quality leads and always offer great and prompt customer service.


Owner, Crown Remodeling Inc

Great experience year after year!


Owner, Eldridge Construction