The hail restoration industry is a very lucrative business and thousands of roofing companies and sales reps rely on them throughout the county.  The industry has grown year over year.  It also continues to increase in competition.

But…what if there aren’t any storms?

So here are the three best ways to thrive when you haven’t had a recent storm.

HailsmallOption 1 – The obvious older damage

Targeting older storms through telemarketing, canvassing, and direct mail. 

Old storms are hard to work; we all know that.  It takes a lot more phone calls, a lot more walking in between homes to canvass, and hand selected mailing lists.  Regardless of the amount of effort required these are still viable business opportunities, and if you’re willing to out work your competitors the business is your for the taking.

Option 2: Travel to the closest storm

Traveling to the next big storm has a lot of positives, but maybe more negatives.

If you’ve never traveled to a storm, ask someone who has before you do.  Expect to invest at least $50K in moving your office, housing your sales reps, and the extra marketing expences due to you not being local to the area (this is a huge cost and also affects closing rates).  Please, please reach out to us before leaving your family behind.

Option 3: Actually sell your services

Start a retail division.  Roofing, siding, windows, kitchen, bathrooms, basements etc.

People are always looking to remodel their homes regardless of the weather.  There are hundreds of thousands of roofs in each city and their life is limited.  Buying roofing leads from third parties like Contractor Appointments can supply your sales team with an endless supply of leads to follow up on every day.  Retail does require a little more work and better salesmanship to sell a job, but retail work will not come and go with storms, it’s always there.

Many contractors are now creating retail divisions with sales reps who are well trained and that become there bread and butter while storm work becomes the icing on the cake.

Think about it. If you could consistently do $3 Million per year in retail and keep 6 sales reps busy every year, when a hail storm hits you’ll be able to double even triple sales easily since you already have the staff in place.

Start Running Retail Leads & Pre-Set Appointments